Decontaminate your toxic workplace culture

As a small business owner or manager do you feel burnt out? Are you frustrated with employees who seem inefficient? Uncooperative? Noncompliant?

Do you wish you could build an environment that encourages innovation and open communication?

Do you or your employees long for psychological safety?

Could it be your company has an unhealthy, “toxic” culture?

Are you unclear what to do next?

As stressful as your current environment may be, an opportunity awaits your organization for positive change with improved employee performance, reduced turnover and a better bottom line.

  • Identify how to create an atmosphere of trust.
  • Understand what makes up psychological safety and why it is important.
  • Find out how to jump start your company into a new culture of inclusion and respect.

Jean Mix, Founder of Mix Education Services, is a certified trainer in the Four Stages of Psychological Safety. She has been working in the training field for more than 20 years and is an expert in corporate communications, management coaching, change management and conflict management skills. Jean is often called the Employee Whisperer because of her nurturing way of assisting people through change. She earned her Master’s Degree in Corporate and Technical Communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and enjoys her the rewards of life as a small business owner.


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