Don’t fall hook, line and sinker for phishing

Congratulations, your small business is the new preferred cyber crime target. Why? You’ve got a smaller security budget. Your staff has less training. As an owner, you’re likely too busy or just complacent. All-in-all breaching your system is a piece of cake. And you and your staff usually provide the keys by falling for a phishing scheme. Think you’ve seen it all? We’re getting pretty clever. Think you staff is paying attention? It won’t take long for us to prove you wrong.

Learn how to refocus your priorities and training to reduce your risks and prevent what for many small businesses can be a life-threatening mistake.

Scott Gombar is the Owner of Nwaj Tech.  Nwaj Tech provides proactive IT consulting and management with a focus on security accomplished through education and mitigation measures.  Nwaj Tech is also a HIPAA Compliant Business and offers HIPAA solutions to Healthcare Providers.


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