Effective customer communication for business owners and their front-line managers

What do you or your key managers sound like when you are speaking with your customers?

  • Do you find conversations with clients getting out of control and taking up valuable time?
  • Could it be your customer approach is keeping you from getting more business?
  • Do you struggle with communicating your selling ideas to customers?
  • Do you dread confrontations with unhappy clients?

If you or one of your front-line managers suffers from one of these deficiencies, the path to improved results begins with some focused coaching in this supportive, insightful and interactive hour. Learn helpful strategies on how to take control of conversations and present value-added solutions in a positive manner that will leave your customers satisfied and willing to refer others to your operation.

Jean Mix, Founder of Mix Education Services, has been working in the training field for more than 20 years and is an expert in communications, management coaching, change management and conflict management skills. Jean is often called the Employee Whisperer because of her nurturing way of assisting people through change. She earned her Master’s Degree in Corporate and Technical Communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and enjoys her the rewards of life as a small business owner.


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