How Connecticut’s new cybersecurity law impacts your business

The headlines are full of stories about website hacks that result in stolen data. Being a big company hardly seems to be a defense against these attacks. But small businesses are actually the bigger targets because their systems are often less sophisticated, less secure and subject to easier invasion. To protect their residents, many states including Connecticut have enacted new laws dealing with breaches of private information. While you may not think of your business as a collector of private information, you may be surprised what’s covered. As a business owner, you are now subject to new responsibilities in the event of a breach and more severe penalties when bad things happen if you have not prepared properly to protect your client data. Learn from cyber security experts what it takes to put the right safeguards in place to be shielded from both hackers and legal penalties.

Our presenters for this webinar are from Kyber Security, the organization that serves CEDF.

Michael Giuffrida, President, CISM, has combined his more than 20 years of experience in technology with his innate leadership skills and passion in order to set a new bar for excellence Having spent decades building his own businesses, he is now focused on helping organizations survive the myriad of cyber threats they face every day.

Bob Thomas, vCIO/vCISO, CISM has spent his entire career in business technology and security, holding positions including accountant, solutions architect, business owner, vCIO and vCISO. He is experienced in protecting organizations of all sizes and in many vertical markets.


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