How to pitch investors

Explore business funding in Connecticut and how to convince the decision makers to write you a check.

Presentation slides in pdf.

There are ample sources of capital to launch or grow a successful business; but why do some businesses receive funding and others do not? When raising capital entrepreneurs generally talk about their needs; but the key is to understand the needs of the investor, lender or granting agency. This webinar will help you understand how capital providers evaluate the hundreds of applications they receive each month to select those they want to support so you can find out how to get to “Yes!”

Mike Roer  is a serial entrepreneur and president of the Entrepreneurship Foundation, an organization supporting entrepreneurship through educational programs,  business plan competitions, and connections to talent and capital. Mike is an adviser to business incubators and a frequent lecturer at universities on business modeling and financing; and the author of the text / workbook Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Previously, he was the Executive Director of the Connecticut Venture Group, The Angel Guild and Crossroads Venture Fair. 


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