How to validate your business idea (Before you jump off into thin air)

Many business startup and product introduction disasters are preventable. But unfortunately, the entrepreneur fails to ask the right questions of the right people, in the right numbers, in the right way.  Find out why enthusiasm and love of “the idea” so often overwhelms basic market research and how you can avoid wasting time and money, only to throw your efforts on the scrap heap. Learn the amazingly easy steps that make up the craft of idea validation and the tricks to keep from telling yourself what you want to hear. 

Richard Portelance is an entrepreneur, creative director, business strategist and former designer who loves helping business owners discover the nuggets of insight that will drive their personal and company success. Inspired by great ideas and the passion behind them, Rich has had the pleasure of helping dozens of businesses, both large and small, find and express their brands personality to the world. Today he is hard at work building CareerPath, focused on helping students find their path to success, while he continues to consult with a range of clients, which help keep his creative juices flowing.


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