Manager or a mouse? How to have brave conversations

Business managers failing to deal with productivity issues, unresolved disagreements and chronic problems in the workplace waste billions of dollars every year.

Do you or your front line managers find it hard to:

  • Be direct with employees about policies and expectations?
  • State the true reasons for your decisions, relying on excuses instead?
  • Get commitment from employees for improved behavior, compliance or efficiency?

End the productivity (and profit!) drain in your organization now with an effective and proven strategy to address disagreements, improve understanding and resolve issues once and for all. You’ll come away with tools to help you build confidence in how to handle those tough conversations in the workplace and beyond.

Jean Mix has more than 20 years of experience in corporate training and educational services. She has served a variety of clients, customizing educational sessions to meet customer needs. Jean has customized programs with audiences from youth to corporate executives. Her areas of expertise include corporate communications, change management, negotiation skills, team building, communication coaching, and student readiness.


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