Nail your remote presentations

COVID has changed the business world and the meaning of remote. So, your ability to look good and present effectively on screen to clients, prospects and colleagues from now on will be a necessity. Learn how to correctly use visual tools like PowerPoint and Keynote to ensure your presentations will be as captivating – or even more captivating — as those you give in-person.

Find out how you can:

  • Keep your audience’s attention and get results.
  • Position yourself and your camera to look your best.
  • Develop a critically important, well organized, audience-focused presentation
  • Master the art of getting to the point.
  • Structure Q & A segments correctly.

Debbie Fay is founder of Bespeak Presentation Solutions, LLC. Her company provides high-stakes presentation consulting, public speaking coaching and training to businesses worldwide. Debbie helps clients present themselves with confidence, conviction, and clarity. Debbie is a sought-after speaker, and contributing author to and the Huffington Post.  Her book, “Nail it. Create and deliver presentations that connect, compel, and convince” is hailed by Kirkus Reviews as: “Compassionate, positive encouragement for speakers who need to improve their games.”


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