Pitch your product or service with confidence

Why is it that some of the most skilled and accomplished business owners become shrinking violets or nervous and tongue-tied when it comes to promoting their own offerings?

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who could use a boost of confidence to more effectively present your business to investors, suppliers or customers, this webinar will teach you how.

  • Learn about the mind body connection and how it can help you strategically take on your fears.
  • Overcome your fear of pitching to strangers by cancelling out the fear before your pitch.
  • Master positive affirmations and power poses to supercharge your confidence.
  • Lock-in mindset strategies to see every pitch as a guaranteed success because it is always a learning opportunity.

Jean Mix, Founder of Mix Education Services, has more than 20 years of experience in corporate training and educational services. She has served a variety of clients, customizing educational sessions to meet customer needs. Jean has customized programs with audiences from youth to corporate executives. Her areas of expertise include corporate communications, change management, negotiation skills, team building, communication coaching, and student readiness.


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