Raise more capital or raise sales: what’s the right priority?

Founders of young companies are often torn. Do you seek investors (or loans), or focus on improving sales?

Thousands of entrepreneurs are faced with this decision every day. Nearly every accelerator, competition, program, school, expert, and media outlet push you towards raising capital.

But is that really the right answer for you and your venture?

This webinar explores the potential impacts of concentrating on raising capital and how you can make the best decisions for your venture.

  • Does capital attract customers or do customers attract capital?
  • The pros and cons of focusing on investment versus sales.
  • The attributes of an investable business.
  • The value of customer intimacy.
  • Why this conversation is even more important for women and minority-led ventures.
  • How to choose the best path for your venture.

Focusing your energy on the right funding source and choosing the right priority from the outset will help preserve your most precious resource – time – and give you the greatest probability of success.

Bill Kenney is a founder of eight companies including, MEET, which helps international B2B growth companies accomplish controlled launches followed by quick scaling in the U.S. through trade shows and events. Bill also recently launched Soft Land Partners, a platform that connects market-entry companies with the “best fit” service providers to support their internationalization success.

Bill is a frequent speaker on topics including U.S. market-entry, entrepreneurship, revenue generation, networking, and community building. He leads several community-building efforts in Connecticut and mentors ventures globally.


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