Seven Strategies to Improve Your Business Cash Flow

Every business struggles with keeping a positive bank balance from time to time. And some struggle all the time. But you might be able to improve your situation without even making more sales, which, after all, may seem to be the most obvious way to improve cash flow.  Actually, in some industries, this can make your situation worse by generating expenses before revenues.

The solutions instead require that you implement different strategies and master some specific tactics that have a lot more to do with financial management and much less to do with sales management. Learn seven secrets to making the river of cash that flows through your bank account slow down and get both deeper and wider.

Dawn Reshen-Doty is president of Benay Enterprises, Inc.,  a national business accounting and financial services outsourcing firm providing accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and HR services to US and international businesses in law, technology, retail, nonprofit, and media industries.Dawn is also the founding partner and publisher of For Beginners, LLC, publisher of the For Beginners series, a graphic non-fiction book line. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and was a White House intern to Thomas Beard, Special Assistant to President Jimmy Carter.


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