Turning obstacles into opportunities

In every obstacle lies an opportunity. Chip Janiszewski explains how, as a professional speaker, his perceived obstacle — social distancing that shut down his ability to visit clients, speak to live audiences, and facilitate live networking meetings – actually helped him identify an opportunity to reach far beyond what he had lost.

Everyone will always experience good moments and not so good moments in life. Choosing to develop and maintain a positive mindset to guide one’s responses to life’s events is a must for identifying new opportunities and realizing more of those positive outcomes (personally and professionally). This interactive webinar will provide you with tools and take-away for developing and maintaining a positive mindset and practical examples of applying it to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Chip Janiszewski is a seasoned, creative speaker, trainer, consultant, facilitator, and networking (relationships building) specialist who combines his expertise and 30-plus years of professional experience with the “Power of Positivity” to help businesses and individuals.

Chip’s consulting offerings include personal and business strategic planning, developing and maintaining a positive, collaborative workplace environment and developing and implementing efficient organization and operations strategies.


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