Thursday, March 16, 2023

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Jean Mix


Build a problem-solving culture in your company

Does it feel like there’s an endless line of your employees presenting you with problems, sometimes silly,...

Managing conflict in your workplace

The most important and hardest element of a small business owner’s role is handling people. But building...

Pitch your product or service with confidence

Why is it that some of the most skilled and accomplished business owners become shrinking violets or...

Make effective communication your differentiator

Want to wow your current clients and win new ones? Problem is the world is full of...

How to turn a supervisor into a leader

Most owners of growing small businesses have team leaders or supervisors who assist with the direction of...

Effective customer communication for business owners and their front-line managers

What do you or your key managers sound like when you are speaking with your customers? Do you...

Decontaminate your toxic workplace culture

As a small business owner or manager do you feel burnt out? Are you frustrated with employees...

Manager or a mouse? How to have brave conversations

Business managers failing to deal with productivity issues, unresolved disagreements and chronic problems in the workplace waste...