CEDF Courses

Test Your Knowledge of Financial Statements

Financial statements are the dashboard of your enterprise. Be sure you know your way around the instrument panel.

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Learning the Language of Accounting

Becoming competent as a business owner requires at least a familiarity with certain accounting terms. Use the flash cards to study the terminology.

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Small Business Integrated Marketing Zodiac

Integrated marketing is the practice of unifying your communication efforts such that each aspect in which you participate reinforces or amplifies the impact of the others. Take our whimsical tour around the astrological heavens of marketing to learn your horoscope.

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Tips for Getting a Small Business Loan

Learn the important elements of dealing with a lender that many applicants overlook.

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Small Business Financial Fundamentals

This five-lesson introduction to Financial Fundamentals lays the groundwork for understanding the bookkeeping process in business.

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QuickBooks Desktop

This course contains 22 videos demonstrating all of the essential functions of the program for most general small business users.

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