Navigating the unemployment insurance system

COVID-19 was a kick in the teeth for many small business owners financially. Despite liberalization of the program that allowed certain self-employed business owners to draw benefits, the process was confusing. And when some businesses reopened to lower sales and expensive restrictions there was yet another burden waiting in the complexities of the unemployment regulations. This webinar provides a tutorial on the system with a focus on the special circumstances the pandemic created and how you can save money.

  • Overview of the unemployment system in Connecticut.
  • How employees qualify for family medical leave or sick leave versus qualifying reasons for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.
  • Claims under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance 100% funded by Federal CARES  Act.
  • How the Paycheck Protection Program will impact your unemployment claims. 
  • How to recall employees back to work and protect your unemployment account.
  • How to handle unemployment claims when employees refuse to return to work. 
  • Calculating your 2021 unemployment tax rate and the pandemic’s impact. 

Josh Goodman, president of Pinnacle Unemployment Services and Consulting has 20 years of experience and hundreds of hearings under his belt. As a specialist in unemployment insurance laws and processes throughout New England his company focuses on helping small businesses with consultation and a proactive approach to lowering clients’ risks for unemployment claims and improving the chances of prevailing.


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