Amplify your website results

    The latest research says there are 25 billion websites indexed on the internet. Standing out against your competitors is essential to get a return on the time and money you invest in digital marketing. Even a small business relying on do-it-yourself solutions can begin to make great results happen by using seven cool tools.

    You’ll come away with an ability to enhance your site’s effectiveness, increase functionality, and improve the user experience of your customers. Find out how these accessible website utilities can maximize your site’s performance and better capture your audience’s attention.

    Jennifer DeRosa is the founder of Toto Coaching, an online website building course with weekly coaching to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build solid, effective websites that pre-sell their products and services and develop trust. Previously Jennifer founded and for 20 years owned TechCare, a web development agency. Jennifer has also worked as a consultant for corporations such as MBCC, US Surgical, GTE, GE Capital, Unilever and Calvin Klein.