Are you a genius or a genius maker?

    Some leaders are great at amplifying the intelligence of others, while most struggle to access their team’s full potential. What do these excellent leaders do differently, and what can we learn from them? Explore the research that can help you identify your blind spots, such as when and how you might be diminishing your team’s potential, despite your best intentions. Learn the solutions and new habits to become a better multiplier of your employee’s talents – so that your company can grow faster and with less pain.

    Xavier Lederer, Founder and CEO of Ambrose Growth Business Coaching, works with growth-minded CEOs who are frustrated spending their days fighting fires instead of focusing on their most important priorities. As a business growth coach his passion is to help leadership teams define their actionable growth strategies, create cultures of accountability, and become better leaders. Xavier has more than 20 years of experience challenging the status quo to grow companies as much as 70% in two years in the US and in Europe. He holds MS degrees from Stanford and Brussels universities.