Do customers want to buy what you are hoping to sell?

    If you are planning the launch or expansion of a business concept, it might be crucial to determine ahead of time if the world actually has an interest in what you are planning to offer. The ability to articulate the features, benefits and differences in light of your competition, as well as having an accurate picture of whom you should be selling to (and for how much) is an absolute requirement for engaging investors and lenders. And, it also can be useful for the curious business owner who wants to understand if they are wasting precious unrecoverable time and possibly their life savings. Learn what factors and questions make up the concept of value proposition, and how to use them to evaluate to your brilliant plans before it’s too late.

    Dale Jasinski is a serial entrepreneur and business consultant who specializes in launching and growing businesses.  His own business ventures included a technology company, a media company, a consultancy practice and two non-profits. Dale is also an angel investor and serves as an advisor to many businesses.  Having earned his Ph.D. in business from the University of Colorado, he taught entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University for 22 years and is currently an active mentor to dozens of those students who now run successful businesses in a variety of industries.  

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