Increase your revenue thru visibility & credibility

    Decades ago, marketing simply meant advertising and publicity, but the distinctions are more complex now. Understanding the role of and approaches to paid, earned, shared, and owned media are essential to growing your business. Learn the value of properly conducted public relations initiatives, and find out why “free” media actually requires both investments of time and budget. See how do-it-yourself campaigns compare and what’s possible for even very small businesses.

    Brianna Régine Walston is founder and CEO of Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting (BRVC) – a full-service agency offering brand development, strategic communications, marketing, public relations and operations management support. Brianna was named the Connecticut district SBA’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2023). She received the 2022 Women in Business Award and in 2023 Brianna became the first alumna from the University of Connecticut Department of Communications to be presented their Rising Star award.