Lessons from a reluctant entrepreneur

    Some business owners plot their entrepreneurial journey as children the day they opened their first lemonade stand. But others find themselves on the path due to an unexpected interruption in a career. Turning to entrepreneurship when, for whatever reason, replacement job prospects aren’t great is not an unusual choice. Learn lessons from a now-successful Reluctant Entrepreneur and what any aspiring business owner should consider before taking the plunge. Find out why focus, strategy, story-telling and basic branding can make all the difference. And discover why you should “fire yourself” and start thinking now about getting out of this adventure that others only dream of getting into.

    Ramon Peralta holds a BFA in Visual Arts and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Bridgeport. A Tuck Executive Business MBE Alumnus, he developed a passion for entrepreneurship and launching brands after serving as Senior Art Director on the original start-up team behind Priceline.com. Today, Ramon proudly leads the multicultural, multi-disciplined, loyal flight crew at his agency, Peralta Design, personally ensuring that the desired ‘look & feel’ of every project launch sequence is communicated consistently across the entire brand’s digital footprint; whether it be a website, video, social campaign, digital strategy or printed marketing materials.