Show your employees you care

    In this challenging hiring environment, almost every small business owner claims to care about the welfare of their employees, and certainly about their safety and health. But, how well does this concern translate to observing the regulations required for employee safety and health protection? Is your industry subject to risks related to fall protection, machine guarding, lockout/tagout and PPE requirements? Should you be doing more related to hazard communication, safety plans or recordkeeping?
    Find out what CONN-OSHA and Federal OSHA do and what educational and training resources are available for you and your business to show better consideration of you team’s well-being. You will learn why a proactive response to safety and health is far preferable to a reactive response and dealing with a compliance inspection.

    Robert Hunt, Occupational Safety Training Specialist for CONN-OSHA and Marianne M. Bonito, Compliance Assistance Specialist for the U.S. Dept. of Labor – OSHA are responsible for helping employers stay informed about hazards, workplace safety measures and the resources and services that are available through State and Federal OSHA.

    Conn-OSHA On Site Consultation Program