Smart planning is key to selling your business

    You’ve worked like an animal for years to open your business, build sales and profits, and overcome pandemics and industry challenges. Now what? Do you have a strategy to eventually reap the harvest of your labors? Learn why laying the proper groundwork for an exit long before you contemplate a sale or other transition is essential to maximizing the value of your business assets. Find out how businesses are valued, who might be your buyer and what compromises may be needed to ensure a productive outcome. And discover why waiting too long can leave you with little or no flexibility and a poorer result.

    Aaron Friedman is a seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience in operational transformation to boost performance through increased revenue, lowered operating costs, improved customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. His track record includes strategically guiding companies of all sizes through mergers, acquisitions, and exit planning. Aaron has sought to deliver results through his expertise in due diligence, industry assessment, and strategic planning. He’s also applied his passion, skill, and knowledge for helping business owners as a volunteer for Connecticut’s Eastern chapter of SCORE.

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