Think like Google for SEO and website success

    No small business can prosper without a website and hardly anybody will find your website without the help of a search engine. Fortunately, understanding what the dominant search tool, Google, wants works for all the others too. The first step toward higher ranking is simple – relevant, high-quality content. Hear what factors make the most impact and learn about the correct settings and techniques – called search engine optimization or SEO – that can help you align with the algorithms that drive search engine results. Find out why staying current in your understanding of search is crucial to digital marketing success in a business environment that’s a moving target. The business world is full of supposed “experts” and agencies that make promises but take your money and run. Learn how to find an SEO team that’s in your corner and avoid a website disaster.

    Jennifer DeRosa is the founder of Toto SEO and Toto Coaching.  Toto SEO is a search engine optimization agency for small businesses and Toto Coaching is an online website building course with weekly coaching to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build a solid, effective website that presells their products and services and develops trust. She recently graduated from a course at MIT University on no code artificial intelligence and machine learning, and is the future author of “Building DIY Websites for Dummies.”   Jennifer is the founder and prior owner of TechCare, a web development agency.  Prior to forming  TechCare, Jennifer was a consultant for major companies such as Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation, US Surgical, GTE, GE Capital, Unilever and Calvin Klein.