Why your credit score is a moving target

    Whether it’s a consumer or small business lending transaction, success often depends a great deal on your personal credit score. In fact, credit scores are used for a wide range of decisions, from pricing your insurance policies, to providing approvals when securing a job or a rental property. Understanding how scoring systems work and what to do if your score is less than stellar is essential business knowledge.

    Learn the differences between FICO and Vantage scores, and why you don’t have just one but many scores. Discover what you can do to improve your score and what you shouldn’t. And find out what’s new and what’s ahead in the credit scoring world that can impact you and your business.

    Stephen Robert is the CEO of Bedrock Credit America, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that focuses on credit education and restoration.  For the past 17 years Stephen has been providing credit instruction through his presentations and seminars that allow the public to fully grasp the complexities of the credit scoring system.  He holds a Bachelor of Science and an MBA from Quinnipiac University.