Amaze yourself by learning to use Google Analytics

So you’ve made a heavy expenditure developing your business website, but do you know what that investment is doing for you?

Could you use a better understanding of who your audience is?
Do you know how long users are spending on your website?
Do you know if your website is compatible with the right browsers?
Do you know where you rank on Google? (Hint, the ranking is not necessarily, what you are seeing.)
Would you like to determine how you stack up against your competitors?

All of this information can be available to you simply by learning how to configure and build reports with Google Analytics. It may sound like a task only for technical wizards or data science mathematicians but mere mortal business owners comb through this sort of information every day to improve their operational results and you can too.

Nate Berger is an SEO/SEM expert and technology entrepreneur with a focus on internet user experience (UX). As founder of KnockMedia, a New Haven creative agency, Nate directs the development of web and native apps for desktop, mobile and wearables for startups, small businesses and some of the biggest brands on the globe. In 2014, the Connecticut Technology Council selected KnockMedia as an Innovation Tech Company to Watch.


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