Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Can your business make it to angel investor heaven?

You’ve probably heard only ½ of one percent of startups are funded by venture...

Manejo de alimentos de manera segura

¿Qué es ServSafe? La certificación ServSafe brinda capacitación tanto a los gerentes como al personal...

Managing conflict in your workplace

The most important and hardest element of a small business owner’s role is handling...

Información importante sobre los pagos de EIDL de COVID-19

¿Recibió un préstamo por desastre por daños económicos (EIDL) durante la pandemia? ¿Tiene preguntas...

Build your business dream team

To create and sustain a solid foundation in business, every owner needs advisors. When...

Don’t lose your shirt when building your business location

There are numerous special considerations when you are budgeting to develop a first or...

The most important word in business that almost nobody understands

If you are like so many business owners, you’ve probably often wondered how you...

How to get a small business loan

Understanding how things look from the lender’s point of view can help prepare a...

Nonprofit impact reporting

Congratulations on winning the grant. Now, do you have the data collection systems and...

Should you pay yourself first?

A trendy concept in small business circles is: “Pay yourself first.” For some business...