Do your clients believe in you?

One of the burdens of being a solopreneur or a company with just one or two employees is the battle raging in the mind of the owner over the discomfort of being exactly who he or she is — small. Much effort and money is expended deploying handsome adverting literature, slick websites and impressive interactive voice response phone systems to make the small company look large. Like an animal in the forest that puffs itself up in the face of a challenge from another creature in order to appear too big to eat and too formidable to attack, this behavior is for protection. That is, protection of the self esteem of the entrepreneur. And while these tricks may shield the company for a time against being “found out” as a small operation, eventually customers likely will realize they are not dealing with an industry mammoth.

For this reason it can be preferable to deal with the world more transparently and perhaps use a David vs. Goliath analogy to persuade clients. In the end, the sale won’t get made — no matter how big or small you are — unless the customer believes in you.

This article explains seven wise strategies to take to make sure you focus on polishing your credibility instead of worrying about inflating a prospect’s perception of your size.


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