How do you find the right voice for your business?

Love it, hate it, or avoid it completely, social media quite literally drives many conversations in today’s world, and getting your voice heard in the chorus can be tough. Finding the right voice to rise above the crowd isn’t an easy task, but it is an important one. Social media is the world’s window to your business, as well as a valuable marketing opportunity.

Whether you take the wheel yourself, or hire a professional social media manager, asking the right questions like those found in this article can help you avoid mistakes and set meaningful goals. How will you or your manager handle a crisis? How will you measure success? Answering these questions now means fewer headaches later.

This lesson can be applied to many facets of any business. The right questions lead to the right answers, and the right social media managers.

Chris is a social media management expert and owner of Sublime Exposure Online, a CEDF client. See our training calendar for a social media basics class conducted by Chris.


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