Is your selling environment all wrong?

It’s often taken on authority that the right way to sell is to develop a consultative approach that makes you a trusted advisor to your customer. They won’t be able to bear using a competitor because of all of the warm and fuzzy advantages you bring to the relationship. It’s pretty well demonstrated that this is true.

But this article credibly explains why this goal is so often unreachable and that training provided to sales team members doesn’t stick long enough to make a difference. The problem is not with the sales staff or the training but the organizational culture. The author explains why talking a great game about being consultative with customers doesn’t stand a chance with so much of the work environment rewards the transactional approach.

Transactional selling can work too. But it makes it easier for customers to simply scurry away when they can use the internet to buy somewhere else and save a nickel. So unless you can build a transactional, high-volume, low-margin selling machine that beats all of your bigger competitors doing the same, it’s time to take a proper look at what is really required when we talk about serving customers and becoming an advisor.


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