It’s high time you learned SEO basics

Nate Berger of KnockMedia in New Haven provided an excellent introduction to the world of Search Engine Management (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in our recent seminar. I wish all of our clients could have attended because it has been my observation that while almost all of our borrowers have established functional, attractive websites, sadly, many of them are not well tuned-up for best search results.

I think much of this occurs because of a separation in the marketing world between the developers of small business websites, who often have a graphics design background, and the specialists who have experience with the technical settings that improve Google’s ability to understand the contents of a website. Once a website is created, the work of improving its technical settings sometimes is forgotten. And often whoever writes the copy for the website, whether someone associated with the business or a marketing company, also fails to consider certain SEO basics.

Small business owners are busy people and can’t be expected to master every technical subject and conduct all the adjustments on a do-it-yourself basis, even though in many cases the most essential tweaks would be well within their capability with a little study.

If you’re going to run a business, you have to at least understand the principles of marketing, finance and personnel management (to name a few subjects) and know when to reach out for expert assistance. With so much activity running through the internet nowadays, even business owners who don’t think they conduct e-commerce, really should try to pick up the fundamentals of SEO. This website provides a great foundation and is worth investing a few hours of reading. The return on the time invested is likely to come back quickly in the form of more customers and sales once the website tune up is accomplished.

— Frederick Welk
CEDF Business Advisor


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