The peculiar mathematics of real influence

Real influence is the power you have when other people really want to do things for you, make good use of your time, and contribute to your success. The only way to build real influence is to truly believe, at your core, in the peculiar math: the more you serve others by doing the right thing for the long term, moment by moment, adding value in every single interaction, the richer you become in real influence

Real influence is not a zero sum game:

  • Its value resides in the minds of others, but it works to your benefit.
  • It is completely intangible but can have enormous real- world consequences.
  • It can accrue quickly and grow quickly, but it is a long- term asset.
  • It’s incredibly valuable, but you cannot buy it.
  • People will do things for you based on it, but there is no quid pro quo involved.
  • Spending it, lending it, and giving it away just makes its value grow.
  • It builds and builds whenever you add value for others.

That’s why I say the math is peculiar. By relentlessly adding value in service of others, you systematically build value in the thoughts and feelings of others, thereby enriching yourself and everyone you deal with, which allows you to add even more value for others. And the upward spiral of benefit is without limit.

Want to read more? Check out Bruce Tulgan’s book — The Art of Being Indispenaible at Work



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