What can a cow teach you about business models?

In the conventional world of Main Street small business, the model has been virtually the same since the 19th century. 1. Identify a product or service to sell. 2. Establish a presence in a trade area with a physical location for a workshop, a warehouse or a retail store. 3.Open for business and either wait for the retail traffic to come, or for the wholesale trade, visit potential customers.  “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”

The internet age has brought an assortment of business models that prior generations couldn’t have dreamed might be viable.  This article uses a cow (no it’s not about Chick-fil-a) to illustrate several 21st century approaches to commerce.

It goes to show that the simplicity of one humble cow can demonstrate the operations of many businesses today.

You might have a more conventional business, but is there a place to “bolt-on” an additional venture that would be viable for expanding your market or entering a new line of trade?


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