Are you following these seven natural laws?

Business is often depicted as a struggle, a battle, a war. It’s an apt description, if only because so many business owners spend their energy flailing against insurmountable forces that they can never reverse or defeat. But it doesn’t make the outcomes for business ownership hopeless or even inordinately difficult.

How many business owners do you know who focusing on beating their customers instead of improving their offering?  Or when failures occur, they look for who to blame instead of seeking root causes for future prevention?  Were you taught that business is about prioritizing increasing sales or delivering more value? And in a world where your enterprise is just a cork in the ocean, are you fighting against the flow or moving with the market?

The narratives surrounding business owners encourage the idea of fighting to their last breath or drop of blood to achieve results instead of simply doing what they know to be required and being detached from the outcome. Are you reacting to the demands of your market or creating them? And do you put your thinking into developing strategy or instead developing the guiding vision?

The game gets much easier when following what Nathalie Virem explains as Seven Natural Laws. Read about her philosophy and see if you can make your business journey easier.


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