Run your business like a champion

Among the many offerings of CEDF’s business advisory services as explained on our website is this phrase: “…management of emotional components of business ownership.” This example serves not as a claim that our business advisors are miraculously competent clinical psychologists but to point out that one of the most under-appreciated and under-discussed challenges of small business ownership is handling the stress and tension of confronting the day-to-day problems.

For an action plan on this we can almost always find a nice lesson in sports and this time of year it’s hard to ignore football, especially when the regional favorite is again Super Bowl champions. This article reminds that Tom Brandy earned all of those rings following simple advice.

It’s easy to admire an athlete playing well beyond the age of his teammates – he’s nearly the oldest player in the league.  With that must come not just physical resilience but tremendous mental toughness to look beyond the crisis of the moment – 3rd down and 20, or whatever.

Notice how the man seems to become more inspiring to his teammates and more dangerous to his opponents when there is precious little time left on the clock and the game is on the line. But he always gets there by his own simple advice. If you haven’t clicked the link above to see what that is, do it now. Your game may be on the line soon.


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