So you thought chips would end credit card fraud?

Business owners of all kinds accept credit cards, not just retail stores. And while certain kinds of stores arguably might be the biggest targets, all merchants have risk. Most small businesses are at the end of the food chain when it comes to resources for guarding against fraud. The owner can’t be expected to be an expert, but the responsibility still falls in their lap.

You can take a first step against being a victim by following these tips from Merchant Maverick.

1. Check Network Guidelines for Card Acceptance
2. Secure Your POS and Hardware
3. Capture Signatures, Even on Low-Value Transactions
4. Ask for Customer Identification
5. Avoid Keyed Transactions
6. Switch to EMV Acceptance

The important part is in the details, of course, and that requires reading their very detailed article and taking action. It’s more and better advice than you might be getting from your merchant credit card provider’s sales department.

Be aware Merchant Maverick operates a referral website for the merchant credit card industry and while their articles have impressive content and take the position of sticking up for the small merchant, they can only make a living by the fees their advertisers pay them.


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