There’s more to branding than a logo

If you can forget the torture inflicted in eighth grade science class surrounding the forced memorization of the Periodic Table of the Elements, then you might be able to squeeze a smile out of the blog article posted lately on a website called

Their business concept is pretty clever too. Offer online tools to help you develop your own logo and if you like your artistic efforts, the graphics file is yours for $39.95.  And by the way, they’ll sell you business cards, coffee mugs, imprinted clothing, signs and other kinds of stuff to proudly display your artistic creation.

But back to the blog article and a tip of the hat to the company for knowing that content marketing has real value. They’ve created an infographic posting, which is an effective way to explain a complicated subject.  And this is not just another pretty picture. Even though selling logos and promotional junk is their business, the posting serves to educate their small business clientele about the realities of branding.

They chose a trendy meme – reimagining the Periodic Table – to portray three distinct groups (remember the alkali earth metals?) for simplifying the general concept of branding. And they created 23 “elements” that zero in on concept specifics.

Even if you hate the thought of chemistry, perusing their “23 elements for branding success” will leave you better informed and with a useful checklist for assessing whether you have dealt with all parts of the formula for marketing success in your industry.

— Frederick Welk
CEDF Business Advisor


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